LISTEN: BAd BReaks | A Breaking Bad Mixtape

Inevitable, but/and pretty well excellently executed.

Via Webcurios.

From the Mixcloud page:

2.5 hrs | 110 tracks

96% of these tracks are taken from the soundtrack across the 5 seasons. The music & samples are not chronological, but I tried to keep the story straight, and split into seasons (half hr each). So about 74% correct overall.

Huge credit due to Thomas Golubić & for sourcing/syncing the music throughout the show & Dave Porter for his score (buy the soundtracks, yo). Thanks to Vince, Bryan, Aaron & so on, for cooking up pure magic.

Shout to my creative consultant on this mix, Inka Hero. Artwork by Mo Fingaz.

FAO: AMC - I cooked this because I love the programme, yo. I don't profess to own shit. I asked Saul. He said this right here falls in the realms of "fair use", in the realms of non-profit, personal and educational use (Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976)