LISTEN: B.o.B. - No Future (Odd Future Diss)

"Ill crash that fucking airplane that that faggot nigga B.o.B is in," rapped Tyler The Creator on Yonkers, summing up in his own special fashion how many of of us felt about the formerly great artist B.o.B. since he sold his soul and took Lupe's castoffs in a (sucessful) bid for chart "glory".

B.o.B. is , natrually, upset, and has released the following rap record with no shitty Paramore hook on it by way of defense.

"If I was you I'd be a little more cautious," raps Bobby, and that's the problem. He would be, and he was, and that's why he released a bullshit ass pander-pop LP when he could have made something that was actually, like, GOOD, while Tyler put out Yonkers. So thanks Bobby, for clearing that up.

Via SS.