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That B.o.B. isn't as hot as Drake right now is proof of the intense stupidity of the people of planet Earth. Either that or his name is too confusing. Or maybe there are other factors. Either way, B.o.B. is my favourite "new" artist, period, and this mixtape album, put together by the fine folks over at 2dopeboyz, is PROOF of his awesomeness.

The Boyz explain:

I’m sure it’s well known, but I’m a pretty big fan of Mr. Bobby Ray... It’s also well known that I despise Atlantic Records. So with that said, I put together a collection of (tagless) joints that have leaked since the time I very first heard dude in hopes that it can spread around the internets and hopefully wake those dinosaurs up. Word is (via Wendy Day & Amir’s little convo awhile back) they really like B.o.B but are trying to force him into a 360 deal. And if he doesn’t conform, they are gonna shelve him. I mean, imagine if this was actually his debut album? Sheeiiiit… I vote we call/email/run-up-on Atlantic and tell them to stop fucking around.

Say word. This thing is incredible. I had most of these joints, but seriously... fifteen amazing songs, that sit together beautifully. Fuck that So Far Gone EP in the eye with a frozen cod, THIS is the shit right here.