LISTEN: Andrew WK As Bender On Radio Happy Hour's Breakfast Club Special

STREAM: Radio Happy Hour Featuring Andrew W.K.

DOWNLOAD: Radio Happy Hour Featuring Andrew W.K.

As I mentioned earler, Andrew WK appeared on New York City's Radio Happy Hour ("a live variety show featuring an old-time radio comedy/drama and guest stars"), as part of a Breakfast Club special this past weekend, as a Bender analogue.

"Me and Herbach have been writing this Breakfast Club show, with Andrew W.K. playing the John Bender-style character," explained Radio Happy Hour co-creator Sam Osterhout on his blog. "I’ve watched the Breakfast Club six times in the last month. Me and [Geoff] Herbach have been talking almost nonstop about how the earnestness of his characters – the teenagers and their goofy problems and their youthful existential crises – didn’t really translate through the ’90’s (the irony and sarcasm!), but somehow it was all so much more authentic than the teenage characters of the ensuing decade, who were all given such smart things to say. The film teens of the ’90’s (and up to now, even) were synthetically precocious. The teenagers of Hughes’ films were just teenagers. Sometimes they said and did stupid things, and sometimes, almost by accident, they would speak some small truth or discover something about themselves that would surprise them and carry them into their college years. Even my precocious friends in high school were goofy sometimes."

You can stream the show above. It's grayte. Andrew WK's mother made him make her baloney sandwitch when he wanted to practice piano, bitch. Oh that I had had this in time to include it on my John Hughes mixtape!