Lil Wayne & Baby Sue DJ Drama & Makin Moves?

OK, fuckery time.

So, according to these Makin' Moves dudes, Lil Wayne and Cash Money records are suing them for flogging mixtapes full of Universal-owned music in Virgin records and stuff (see paperwork here).

"I know it's in the store for, ur $14.99," says Makin' Moves' Frank Nino, displaying one of his compilation CDs and looking hurt. "You know. I undrstand y'all pain, y'all anger. Hatin' and shit for no goddamn reason. You know how the mixtape game works man."

According to Nino, Wayne and co are also suing DJ Drama, who they point out was instrumental in propeling Wayne to superstar status between Tha Carter II and Tha Carter III. Which may or may not be true. but Makin' Moves certainly had nothing to do with it.

(If Wayne and co. really wanna go after someone who's been making money from stealing from them, it's that Empire dude. That guy has not one scruple. Sheee-it.)

Nino then goes on to complain that since Universal send him MP3s they shouldn't be suing him for burning them to CD and selling them, and that he doesn't know how the mixtapes ended up in the shops and even if he did, he hadn't made much money off it, certainly not compared to Wayne, who "has tours all fuckin' year."

"Y'all niggas is straight gay for doing that supid shit man," whines Nino. "Fuck's wrong with y'all man? No respect at all."

He then gets one of his boys, a thickset pale skinted sort of a guy to spit an acapella about how gay Wayne is, probably losing any sympathy most people might have had for them with the line, "you probably end up like Pimp C you fuckin' junkie."

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