LATE GIFTS: Ghostface Mixtape

20081224-ghsot Presents all done now? Don't be sad! The world is full of joy. Joy for you!

Like this - 36 DEADLY DARTS - The Ghostface Killah Doll Mix CD, by DJ Rhettmatic of the world famous Beat Junkies!

"This particular mix is called “36 DEADLY DARTS", says Rhett. "It’s the official “Ghostface Killah Doll” Mix CD; well, it’s supposed to be.  Amish from 4Cast Unlimited reached out to me last year to make a mix with a collection of Ghostface songs that would be an accompaniment to the limited edition doll.  A least 1,000 CDs were made; half Amish would pass out during the clothing trade shows such as Magic, the other half, I would sell while I was on the road.  There were actually some Ghostface dolls made (and btw, they look dope, considering how expensive it was…i think retail was going for $200.  The doll had a real Gold Chain.)  The last time I heard, it was in production.

Anyways, there was a buzz for the doll and I actually got a thumbs up from Ghostface for the mix, but for some reason, I don’t think the official doll ever came out, nor the mix CD.  It’s been over a year and I haven’t heard anything official of the release of the doll or the CD, so I decided, why not share it with you good peoples…..I really like the mix and I really put some work into this.  It would be nice to have people actually hear it.  If some of you good peoples actually have the official Mix CD with the official artwork and all, consider yourself lucky!"

I swear i saw one of those dolls in new York. it was ugly as hell, but kinda fly.

Anyway. DOWNLOAD HERE! Tracklist:

1. Intro (Produced by Dj Rhettmatic) 2. Fish 3. Camay 4. Mighty Healthy 5. The Sun 6. Tearz 7. Verbal Intercourse 8. Can It Be All So Simple 9. Criminology 10. R.A.G.U. 11. Clipse Of Doom 12. Be Easy 13. One 14. The Forest 15. The Juks 16. Poisonous Darts 17. Winter Warz 18. Protect Ya Neck 19. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin 20. Guillotine 21. Wu Gambinos 22. Buck 50 23. 9 Mili Bros. 24. Daytona 500 25. The Grain 26. Last Night 27. Cherchez La Ghost 28. Iron’s Theme 29. No No No 30. Whip You With A Strap 31. Run 32. 4th Chamber 33. The Champ 34. Apollo Kids 35. Block Rock 36. All That I Got Is You