Jo Fuertes Knight On The Student Riots

CHURCH! I have jacked the following wholesale from Jo's excellent blog. Read on and be glad:

So I spent today carefully planning my journey to work around the tuition fees protest mark II today, it is most certainly something I would’ve taken part in if I didn’t have to go to my lucrative (underpaid, I’m so hardworking and worthy) job.

I’m not sure how progressive writing in marker pen on a police van is and I am without exception against all the violence, not least because they could’ve killed someone but also because it gives people fuel to call them irresponsible tossers. But I’ve been unnaturally riled by so many armchair wankers furiously commenting on articles with shit like…and these are all real by the way… “LOL taking a break from eating Pot Noodle were they?”, “I bet they were all on the green in Westminster moaning about the war and the environment”, “why dont we use water cannon on them? Most could do with the wash anyway !” and also “wasters…send them out to get jobs” THERE ARE NO JOBS YOU FUCKING PLANK. Also the ‘moaning about the war and environment’ is a favourite; what thick, apathetic fuck wrote that?

If you’ve been to any big protest in a city it is admittedly full of people that are spoiling for a fight in both the crowd and in the police and I’ve seen some pretty disgusting things from either side (I’m looking right at chu Met Police, never forget). So, YES, the violence is wholly wrong I’m just so bored of the sanctimonious flurry of shit from people so far removed from bearing the brunt of cuts thinking they should share their views.

I get that looking at young, passionate people with their whole lives ahead of them complaining can be irritating, especially when Sky News have a knack of picking out the ones with really plummy accents and in Ugg boots, but there is a valid reason for protest. If you’re so fucking ill informed that you think hammering ordinary young people in the middle…and not toffs with trustfunds that study poetry, which apparently anyone working towards a degree automatically is…and that a Lib Dem coalition backing out of one of it’s flagship policies is OK, then you’re not only a moron but a coward. What bottom-feeding pleasure does someone get ripping the piss out of people that stand up for themselves? I know it’s arse-clenchingly cheesy but the generation protesting are the future, so if we all took the flippant comments of “LEARN A TRADE AND GET A REAL JOB” literally, then we’d have a country full of graduate plumbers pushing tradesmen out of their jobs. What is wrong with fighting for equality in education across all subjects, open to all financial brackets in order to fill out ALL types of jobs. Go get a fucking clue.