It doesn't really make sense to me to discuss the repercussions of 911 in terms of nations

A post by barracuda from the R.I. board:

It doesn't really make sense to me to discuss the repurcussions of 911 in terms of nations. In the same way that it was a shadow transnational crime, the winners and losers were shadow transnational entities. They are the only real players on the board. Terms like "the United States" and "China" are irrelevant in many ways now and have been for some time.

The wars which followed in the wake of the crime involve perhaps the largest material expenditures in the history of the planet. Two trillion dollars spent to prosecute the wars, but where did it go? Not to a particular nation, that much is certain. The money went to private entities.

The Chinese now own 800 billion treasury bills. Thanks for that, Hu Jintao. We owe you, or somebody does. Actually, everyone knows those T-bills will simply be endlessly laddered, with the primary dealers taking their cut at each auction.

The Afghan opium trade is worth roughly 100 billion dollars per year. It has now been controlled by a cartel consisting of U.S. and British intelligence networks along with god only knows who else for the last ten years at some of the highest heroin prices in history. There's another cool trillion.

The money from this enterprise, as well as the transactions surrounding many aspects of the war, are laundered by our friends in the banking system who have made unimaginable sums off of this illegal service as well as through the global financial meltdown which was largely occasioned by the financial stresses of these wars.

Then there's the staggering wealth of the natural resources being stolen or bought out from under these middle east victims. Who makes that money? Not a nation.

This was a game played by groups whose self-identities have nothing to do with flags and states. Remember the "primary forces of nature" speech in Network?

Quote: There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.

Only that's not quite right anymore, because above that layer of systems, there are the banks and the financial entities who deal in sums which provide cause to move corporations as if they were pawns. And above the banks are the lawless transcorporate drug cartels and mercenary financial units without which the markets and the banks could no longer survive. And above the transcorporates are...? Probably the truely invisible assassins, who care little for money, but play for different stakes entirely, ruthless long-thinkers, black budget masterminds, sorcerers, and low-orbit dwellers. I don't know, for this realm is conjecture entirely. Fortunately, their existence or non-existence matters as little to us as ours might to them in practical terms.

Anyway, you know all this already.