Is David Lynch Bringing Back Twin Peaks?

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From Indiewire:

Another day, another "Twin Peaks" rumor.

Fans of the cult '90s television series got a big tease Friday morning when "Twin Peaks" co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost simultaneously tweeted one of the show's most iconic lines: "That gum you like is going to come back in style."

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 15.30.42 Meaning what exactly? We've been down this road before, after cast member Ray Wise started a rumor mill that Lynch shut down earlier this year during a Skype Q&A: "There's no real truth to it."

But with both seasons streaming on Netflix and a new Blu-ray set containing restored footage from prequel movie "Fire Walk with Me," "Twin Peaks" is enjoying a cultural comeback, gaining the sort of attention it deserved when the series first aired on ABC in 1990. Netflix chief Ted Sarandos said he would "absolutely" bring the series back. Oh would that it were true.

Fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks dishes the dirt here. For now, we'll keep digging into The Entire Mystery box set for answers. Also watch Carrie Rickey's fascinating 45-minute Q&A with Lynch, who offers no answers there either.

From Indiewire