Interesting Dave Gibbons Interview

watchmensketch_1231258689_crop_400x400 You mentioned colourist John Higgins, who was responsible for the muted neon palette. But you did the lettering, didn't you?

"Yes. I actually broke into comics by doing balloon lettering and I always liked to do my own lettering because it really is such an important part of the way the page looks, and I think actually it would have been impossible or very hard to do Watchmen if I hadn't lettered my own stuff, because space was very much at a premium, so everything had to fit just so. Whenever I laid an issue out one of the first things I would do would be to pencil the lettering in, or just where the lettering was going to be, the general shape of the balloons, so that I'd know how much space I had left to draw. Now, when it came to the final artboard I would actually physically ink all the lettering in and then draw in the space that remained, so that was really a vital thing, the fact that I lettered my own artwork."

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