Hot-tube-sock-fish-graf from Tom Gaiger.

This is a picture that I shot recently, featuring some extremely crude graffiti which I am simply mesmerised by. Its so stupid its brilliant. Just look at it for a minute and appreciate its prowess. I also like the idea that the genius who created this masterpiece presumably suffered the murky waters of Romsey canal to reach his concrete canvas. I don’t even let my dog in there. And I especially appreciate the way he’s ‘stayed in the lines’ on the colouring in.

Illustration students, try as they may with their heavily considered attempts at infant style doodles, just cannot learn style like this. It comes only from the years of social-malnutrition acquired growing up in Romsey, an inherent disregard for public spaces, and the simple connection between the facts that you’re smoking weed near the canal, and that fish live in the canal. (And the misconception that fish are yellow and featureless like a stuffed sock apart from one eye.) Cool kids would go crazy for this printed on a tshirt.