Ice Cube Returneth!

From Playlouder:

Following the awesome Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It remix with Nas, superstar OG Ice Cube is coming back atcha with a new LP called Raw Footage next month. That there's the sleeve, and this is the tracklist.

01 What is a Pyroclastic Flow? 02 Jack In the Box 03 It Takes a Nation 04 Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It 05 Hood Mentality 06 Why Me? f. Musiq Soulchild 07 Cold Places 08 Do Ya Thang 09 Thank God 10 Here He Come 11 Get Money, Spend Money, No Money 12 Get Use To It f. The Game & WC 13 Crack Baby 14 Tomorrow 15 Stand Tall 16 Take Me Away f. Butch Cassidy

Listen: Ice Cube + Scarface + Nas = “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (remix)” Watch: The video.