Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 01.31.58 ...but more pressingly, why does everyone think its definitely ole Ant Or Deck back when all they saw in the episode was some Monty Python/South Park Saddam animation up at Piccadilly Square? You could have done that with a picture of Hitler, doesn't man he's all BACKALACK and you gotta pull Shirley off of his plane to an undercover Eastern European Punishment Death.

And don't get me started with that Marvel movie aftercredits shit cos that was textbook troll shit. A bunch of people got Three Musketeers footage with the same soundtrack as some Moriarty saying "miss me" but not Monty Python style schtick. They must think people'll google that shit and wrote crappy mini blogs about it or something.

Oh yeah, in answer to the first question, the first Morarty wasn't the real Moriarty cos he was too young or some shit, or did they explain how he killed that little kid when Sherlock was little?