Home design inspired by your favorite artists

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.01.27 Need a little something to get you into a creative mood? The chances are that music can help. Listening to music by your favorite artists can really boost your imagination, and it’s just the thing when you’re trying to develop a new look for your home. Let the music you love inspire your style.


Beyoncé certainly knows about style and she’s experimented a great deal over the years, but some things have stayed with her through the years and helped to define R&B style more widely. To bring out this style in your home, use shiny fabrics for bedspreads and cushion covers, and hang long, floating drapes at your windows. Gold highlights such as mirror frames and candlesticks will help give your rooms that glamorous touch.

Richie Hawtin

A cool, minimalist style is best appreciated in a minimalist home with white interiors and simple, modernist furniture. Use blinds at the windows to preserve their clean lines. Black and chrome should be the predominant colors in furnishing, with glass tabletops and spot lighting to give you control over reflections. White tiles and steel countertops in the kitchen look chic without intruding, letting you fill the space with your mood.

Shania Twain

For a comfortable home with a hint of the Old West that really lets you feel the music, go for the rustic look, with bare boards on the floors, hardwood shutters at the windows and plenty of wooden furniture. Framed billposters look great on the walls, as do pieces of classic Americana art, and you can add unexpected elements like sequined cushions for that little extra sparkle on your brown leather sofa. Artfully arranged dried flowers make the perfect finishing touch.

Iron Maiden

Every heavy metal fan has at some point dreamed of a home with black walls, but in practice, it can look more sterile than desired, so mix it up a bit with shades of deep red, blue and purple, and let your posters stand out against these backgrounds. Position your main speakers opposite the windows and use thick velvet curtains to improve the acoustics at the same time as creating atmosphere. Ornaments like silver candelabras can complete the look, or you can go all out with an anatomist’s model skeleton.

Diana Ross

Recently developed metallic paints designed for home use mean anyone can make their home look as glamorous as a Diana Ross video. A velvet sofa or bedspread adds an element of luxury and high quality faux fur throws mean you can lounge around like a goddess. You can add a glitter ball for the full on disco atmosphere or use some of the latest LED technology to create low cost, environmentally friendly revolving spotlights.

When you use music to get you in the mood, the sky’s the limit. It’s up to you how far you want to go, but even little touches can help your home remind you of the sounds you love and really bring out your personality.