HATE 08: Bashy Vs Ironik

From Playlouder:

HATE 08: Bashy Vs Ironik

So, my ole pal Bashy has finally taken my advice and gotten himself a blog (he's forgot about the spellcheck, but we will allow that, glass house dwelling and all). He's using it to laugh at mormons, write about the parties he goes to, and slag off UK rap chart smsher Ironik, in his record reviewing slot, Bashview. POW!

"Right what I am about to say is very truthful," writes Bash.  "I am very honest when it comes to this kinda stuff; if I think its good I’ll say its good, If I think its shit, I’ll say it’s shit! As I am also an artist I don’t want anyone to think that I’m hating on this guy cos away from the music he’s a cool brudda but I’m judging the album & this album is poor, very poor!

I was half asleep listening to it & then had to wake myself up, start it again n make sure my ears wern’t decieving me.

I am very shocked at the fact his A&R has released an album with 18 tracks all about Ironik loving, falling for or missing a girl! (Excluding one which is about his mum, which is the only track I won’t really take apart because of the subject matter, but I will say this, he should have made more of an effort on it; when I make a tracks for my mum there is no room for errors of half-heartedness)

There is no depth in this album whatsoever.  I think albums should take the listener on a journey but this does no such thing, instead it stays on the same page from beginning to end. The lyrics are terrible & he finds himself not rhyming at times, on top of that using the same word to rhyme is not really a rhyme & anyone can do it! I can’t even be bothered to quote something!

Ironik doesn’t deserve talented features such as Ghetto, Chippy, Ny, Wiley & Stryder nor should they tarnish their perfected art which they have worked at for years. Bless Beats is a producer so giving people with a deal; material, pays so I understand his hustle.

Having Elton John on an album should mean you have crossed over & be in Westlife world ’Flying without Wings’. If Dizzee, Sway or myself had that feature we would be out of this world! But he fails to impress on this also!

R&B Albums don’t even have this many songs about love!

Maybe girls up & down the country will like but that is a MASSIVE maybe! I think every guy will think what I think.

It’s sad that labels choose to sign these kind of artists over an artist with depth & something to say (n i’m not talking just me here, there are many others).

One thing pissed me off today. Wretch phoned me & said he read in the paper that a journalist wrote Ironik’s track ‘Stay with Me’ was the biggest anti violence tune of the year….Get out of here, which fucking part!?

In a time when there is nuff shit going on in the streets & the world we don’t need albums like this!

I always support UK music but I feel like I’ve wasted a tenner! My hard earned bumbaclart £10! Pissed!"

Check Bashy's blog here.