Happy Birthday Chesney Hawkes!

http://youtu.be/Y_r0oQE5jEU Chesney Hawkes shot to fame at the start of the nineties when he played Buddy in the movie Buddy's Song, which was based on a book I read in school and enjoyed very much at the time. Roger Daltrey played his father, but were it not for the film's soundtrack we might never have heard of him. The Nik Kerhsaw penned The One and Only propelled Chesney Hawkes to the top of the pop charts for what seemed at the time like a Bryan Adamsian age, and a mighty fine record it was too. I remember where i was when i first heard it - on holiday with my school chums in Tenby. Ave!

Anyway, Chesney Hawkes turns 40 today. He's a man not a boy now!