Hackers Take Down The Daily Mail

"Hey Anon, could you take down The Daily Mail please? Cheers!" - ATD, 2012 Dreams come true.

K NEWSPAPER The Daily Mail had a part of its web site hacked this weekend to display a message in support of online movement Opcensorthis, according to messages from the hackers. News of the hack spread via Twitter and it seems to have happened late afternoon on Sunday, 5 February, and lasted for a couple of hours. The Daily Mail has not confirmed this, though. The web site defacement was flagged by Team Poison, a group that occasionally works with Anonymous under the Poisanon handle. Initially it was trailed by the group as incoming, and when it announced the hack it made its feelings rather clear. "Britains Second Most Hated NewsPaper (DailyMail) Hacked.... > (link removed) #TeaMp0isoN," said a tweet from the group posted around 22 hours ago. That link now takes you to the usual Daily Mail recipe page, which is part of its Femail section, but a mirror shows what it was displaying yesterday. In that message Teampoison accuses the Daily Mail of spreading less than savoury news and calls for change. "For years you've poisoned the mainstream media with your sensationalist, ultranationalist nonsense, continuing to inject reader's minds with anti- immigration and borderline racist propaganda," says the text on the mirror web page. "Your distorted bias on news is wrongly justified by patriotism and conservatism, though we see through your hateful slurs. Your backward, malevolent, hate-inciting news should not be tolerated anymore, stop brainwashing and lying to the British public." We asked the Daily Mail to comment, but it declined.