GROW UP: Joe Budden VS Method Man & Melle Mel

So, up here is Joe Budden getting really upset about Vibe magazine's list of the top 50 greatest rappers ever or whatver.

Joey is annoyed that he his low in the list, and that rappers he thinks he's better than are above him.

During the tirade above he disrespected Melle Mel, amongst other people.

And Method Man, well, Joey reckons he can rap better than Mef.

Method Man is upset about this.

Fuck's sake dudes, why do you care? Vibe is about to die! They just sacked half their staff! They're a magazine! They're dying! And Meth, Joey can't touch you! You are and have been great! So why respond?

Oh, you have an album out.


Here's Melle Mel.