Grant Morrison's Superman Reboot: "The Big Heavy Liberal Activist"

So, as the geekier amongst you will know, DC are rebooting their entire line with 52 issue 1s in September, casting aside decades of messy continuity and creating a handy jumping on point for all those people who've seen superhero movies and cartoons and stuff and might want to read The Comics. And me. I'm totally suckered in by this. Shit's got me hyped to read a flipping Grifter comic. Saying that, I have a year and a half of Grant Morrison Batman comics to catch up on, so maybe I'm not that ready at all. And while its dope that DC are releasing their comics digitally on the same day the paper versions come out, that they cost the same is just stupid. I'm not paying $2.99 for 20 digital pages, or whatever it is.

ANYWAY! Speaking of GM (that's his voice you can hear on the intro of my LP, by the way), as we were a few lines back, he's writing the rebooted Action Comics, birthhome of Superman, and he's taking superman back to his angry, angsty roots. Here's what he had to say three years ago:

I wanted to do a story of Superman’s first year in Metropolis when he wasn’t so powerful and he was a bit more of a liberal activist. And to do that kind of Superman, the big heavy guy who can only pick up trucks and be killed by an exploding shell, you can kind of do that as the first year and see the differences between that guy and the incredibly powerful, self-assured man-god in the main All Star Superman book. So those are the three stories I came up with and as I say, they were slightly off the main storyline but related to it so I hope to do those when the current workload eases up because as I say I could just keep doing that Superman stuff forever.

And here's the 2011 DC solicitation:

This momentous first issue will set in motion the history of the DC Universe as Superman defends a world that doesn’t trust their first Super Hero.


Props to Bleeding Cool, who have this reboot shit on lock.