Grant Morrison Writing Area 51 Movie

From Bam! Kapow!

Grant Morrison Takes on "Area 51"

Grant Morrison is scripting the movie adaptation of Area 51, the Midway shooter in which a viral outbreak reveals a conspiracy to hide an alien colony, the Illuminati, and several other mysteries, and a lone hero must stop the virus from escaping to the surface and mutating all life on Earth.

Morrison is optimistic, however. “That’s the existing idea,” Morrison said, “and I have to get to the core of that, dismantle it, and make it work. It’ll be a totally different view of the aliens and the whole mythology.”

Morrison is an accomplished comics scribe, with titles such as Y: The Last Man under his belt, so if anyone might be able to make the premise more feasible, it's him. Unfortunately, thanks to non-disclosure agreements, not much more can be said about the plot or his treatment for the story.

Grant Morrison told MTV's Splashpage,  “Comics might be more sophisticated than movies, with many intense layers of ideas that you can go back if you missed one,” Morrison said, “but with movies, you get a wider audience. You get the guy in Milwaukee who doesn’t care about anything, so the idea has to be more simplistic. And it’s one idea. Get anywhere near two, and it’s trouble. You can have to be linear because if you miss something, you can’t rewind.”