Grant Morrison: The Documentary Film + Did Batman RIP Rip Off Tom Strong?

The film is currently slated to premiere at San Diego Comicon in 2010. For more information, visit

Dooope. I'm in.

Rah though, I was just reading Tom Strong: v. 1 on the train, and it struck me that Batman RIP might well be deeply in its debt. Scrub that. Batman RIP IS deeply in its debt. I am referring specifically to issue 6, Dead Man's Hand, wherein Paul Saveen returns from the dead, resplendent in pointed domino mask and alluding to be The Devil, to "destroy" our science hero.


Moore doesn't like GM does he? I remember reading an interview in which he dismissed him as "derivative," and there was that column GM wrote cussing From Hell all those years back... They both claim to have come up with the "worms in space concept," although does having access to idea space mean you never come up with anything, you just conduit it?

I, Conduit.

I can do it.

Icon Do it.


Hmm. There's a mixtape title in there somewhere.

Rah though, can you tell from that dodgy scan that my copy of Tom Strong: v. 1 is soaking wet after having a disatser with a bottle of water AND a bottle of shower gel in my trusty leather Puma sports bag? HOW SUCKY IS THAT? So so sucky. It is, however, a testament to the quality of the print job that the thing remains so very legible.


That reminds me. People keep asking me what I want for Christmas, so I have made a handy Amazon Wishlist, since I pretty much just want comics. LOADS OF COMICS that I can read in bed. My .cbr days are over since my laptop died. HO HO HO!