Google Maps Street View - The Horrors Of Shoreditch

shoreditch Spotted the above image at Thisisoffset earlier. I wonder what time that was taken? Was the vomming dude supposed to be at work? Has he been sacked? How many people who were supposed to be at work have been spotted on Google Maps Streetview? A friend of my girl's has captured for posperity outside her work smoking a fag. Oh, and Chris Error says this is Joshua from The Horrors (who The Quietus say have suddenly gotten really good) waiting for a bus.

joshua-the-horrors-bus-stop Ho ho ho. Was he supposed to be at band practice? Has he been sacked now?

My gaff's on there. The blinds are drawn, which is lucky, else you'd all be able to see me rapping in my pants.


To paraphrase Trick Trick, Google Maps Streetview is the fucking devil.

And in 5 years we'll all be watching our exes boning lorrymen down dark alleyways on HD live streams.

*kills self