Goldblade / Poly Styrene for Xmas Number 1!

Hark! No, it's not a herald angel. It's Poly Styrene, of ace 70s punks X Ray Spex. "IIIII-DEN-TI-TTEEEEEEEE!!!!" yes? No? Right. Anyway. Mac speed punk types Gold Blade have, as mentioned hooked up with legendary banshee Poly Styrene and record a Christmas song, called ‘City Of Christmas Ghosts’.

According to Camp Blade, it's "a new festive classic - a melancholic yet euphoric take on the Christmas song."

Apparently this is the first time Poly has sung on a punk rock song since her days in X Ray Spex. The Blade met poly at some recent support shows for X ray Spex. I WASN'T AWARE OF THESE!

Anyway. The song comes out on December 1st via Damaged Goods. I haven't heard it yet, but I am pretty Excite.

Here's Tha Spex doing Identity way back in the day. Awesome!