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Godlike genius, prophet and world famous West Midlander Rik Mayall is dead. Long live Rik Mayall.

Alongside starring in one my most very favourite television comedies (Bottom), and being the best thing on Blackadder (Lord Flashheart), his autobiography Bigger than Hitler - Better than Christ is the single funniest book I ever read, and had a profound and unexpected on my own writing. Rik Mayall has been making me laugh for as long as I can remember laughing, and I know he will continue to do so until I can laugh no longer. CHEERS MAYTE, GRAYTE.


"There's this rule at the BBC that says you can't actually talk properly. You have to pretend to talk the way that people who invented TV 50 years ago used to talk when they were at dinner parties pretending not to swear." Kevin Turvey, 30 odd years ago, describing 2014 BBC Radio 4