George Carlin, Morrissey And Akira The Don On Voting "Each time you vote, you support the process." Morrissey, 2014

My old man got some leaflet about voting for "hope" through the letterbox while I was staying with him. It had Billy Bragg and that chick who won the Mercury and bitched about it begging people to vote for anyone but Ukip, to vote not for "hate", but for "hope". Cos the most important thing to do right now is stuff some trolls to bursting whilst supporting the criminals actually in power who are actually looting the country, the system that keeps them there decade on decade, and the slippery scum who pretend to oppose them. What happened last time we voted for "hope" and those charlatan swine got in? OH YEAH WE INVADED SOME COUNTRIES FOR NO GOOD REASON AND THEY ABOLISHED GRANTS AND THE GAP BETWEEN RICH AND POOR GREW EVER VASTER LIKE SOME FUCKING OTOMO TUMOUR, WOO THAT'S SOME HOPE I CAN REALLY GET BEHIND! MORE OF THAT PLEASE! LET'S KEEP EVERYBODY BUSY TWEETING CRAPPY JUVENILE MEMES AND BICKERING AMONGST THEMSELVES ALONG THE ANCENT PARTY POLITICAL LINES OF THE PRESCRIBED AGENDA SO THE POSHO SCUM WHO HAVE ALWAYS LORDED IT ABOVE US MAY CONTINUE TO DO JUST THAT! HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND GENIUSES!

So no, I will not be leaving the house today, it is raining, and I have coffee already.

If you're going out though, do remember to Put A Jumper On.

PS, Narstie says:


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