Gary Glitter: The People's Paedo

From Playlouder:

Celebrated peado and glam rock pioneer Gary Glitter (the people's paedophile) is finally coming home to the land that loves him so well.

Gary (real name Paul Gadd) has been incarcerated in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for what seems like an eternity - and all for having sex with a few children.

You know what it's like - they say they're 10, but they look at least 12, so naturally you conduct "obscene acts" with them (against their will if need be), and the next thing you know you're behind bars in a tropical climate.

What a savage, savage land.

Anyway, Glitter apparently didn't want to come home, and I've no idea why, because it's high time he had a come-back and I haven't looked at the papers today but I'm sure the people of Great Britain are more than happy to welcome him back into their lives. He has, after all, served his sentence and was let out early for good behaviour.

Here's to many more years of good behaviour, and great music, from Gary, and if a few children have to get molested along the way, well - surely that's a small price to pay?