Evan Dorkin's Fun Has Come To The Internets!

let the fun begin! Internets! You know I love Evan Dorkin, right? Do YOU love Evan Dorkin? Maybe you don't know Evan Dorkin. Maybe you have never been inside a comic book store. Well that's OK! Cos Comics123 is running an Evan Dorkin Fun strip from Dork every day for the next YEAR. And you know whats weird about that? I wanted to do that! That was on my list of things to do on the new website (which is looking ill, by the way). Damn! So, you know you gotta bookmark this shit, and go there every fuckin' morning for dope ish like this:


You know what my favourite Fun strip was? It was the one where Hitler wishes on a star. That makes me piss myself just thinking about it.