DOWNLOAD: Southern Hospitality Presents: Players Ball Anthems SiXXX (Mixtape)

I'm missing the next Player's Ball, cos I'm on tour (in blinking Wimbledon actually, which isn't too far, but we gotta be in Bournemouth the day after), but if you can you should, and EITHER WAY, you should download this mix, cos SH mixes always kick shit (I has Zonin' 2 on earlier, bloody Pursey got me listening to flipping Twista chatting about 2012 being the end of the world). Forsooth:

It's official. PLAYERS BALL #5 was the BIGGEST (ie. CRUNKEST, BUCKEST and WILDEST) event to date. The CAMP was rocking hard from super early until lights on, and the crowd (aka you) went absolutely buckshit. The night was too damn hype, but thankfully, Zane Cunningham – aka The Greatest – captured it all here !!

SO…in preparation for this week's event, Players Ball #6 has become 'Players Ball # SiXXX'!!! Therefore, the following mixtape above contains more NSFW material than you previously thought possible and by coppin this you are preparing yourself for the freakiness that is gonna go down on Saturday when myself and Davey Boy Smith drop records like 'Divide That', 'Dang A Lang' and of course the soon to be stone-cold classic 'Yankin'! Get familiar people…

Download: Southern Hospitality Presents: 'Players Ball Anthems SiXXX'

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