DOWNLOAD: Issue - Moonroof (Mixtape)

Holy shit, ERROR! I just realised I haven't posted one of my favourite releases of the year up here yet. This shit found its way into my life by the perma righteous Southern Hospitality rcently, and hasn't left my speakers since. It is beautiful, and reminds me of the stuff I used to make when I first started making stuff, like Lung Full of Smoke (shout out if you ever heard that, you are in rare company) but better produced, because this Issue Cat has been doing this shit since he was ten and is a fucking prodigy.

Anyway, you better get schooled on this cat quick, cos me and him have already done a song together that you're gonna hear next week. So go read this interview. And listen to this amazing record.

Download: ISSUE – 'Moonroof' (Mixtape)