David Stubbs Gets Arrested With The KLF


Unfortunately, three unlikely looking fellows in plain clothes are passing by at this point. By sheer mischance, they turn out to be off-duty police. There are the KLF, standing to attention, daubed in paint, in front of the poster they have quite evidently just defaced. They're initially rather short with photographer Westenberg, whom they abruptly order to stop snapping – calamitously, they also confiscate his film. On realising that the miscreants are top pop duo the KLF, however, censure gives place to badinage; “What d'you wear those sunglasses for? They're crap!” chides one in the direction of a shaded Cauty. They then reassume the straight faces and solemnity expected of the Force and declare to the KLF that they are under arrest “for criminal damage”, coupled with some admonishing remarks. “They paid a lot of money to put up that poster, I don't think they'll be very pleased with what you've done to it, do you?” says one, to which the KLF, staring at their shoes, can only mumble the apologies of small boys caught scrumping apples by the verger.

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