CLASSICS 6: Outkast - Git Up, Git Out ft The Goody Mob

So, I've been listening to loads of B.O.B. lately - ahead of the release of his B.O.B. VS Bobby Ray mixtape next week - which has lead me back to Outkast (he did take his name from that song, right?). Never forget how dope Outkast were. Sheeeet!

Take this, for example. From their classic '94 debut Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, a record truly of its time, that still hinted at a glorious future to come. They're rocking that figga-da-figga-da-flow - that -  slingshots around the beat, BLAP! And they have the funk so deep within them you couldn't excavate it with a platinum tipped power drill. And check 3 Staxxx's performance. He's pretty much flly formed already, from theme to scheme. Sheeee-it!

Outkast ft Goody Mob - Git Up, Git Out