CLASSIC FOR RAVEY DAVE: Electronic - Disappointed This goes out to Ravey Dave Cameron, who is apparently "disappointed" after losing a commons vote on his ace plan to bomb the shit out of Syria. Poor Ravey Davey, when will he get his Great War? Every Prime Mister gets one! It's not FAIR!

Reports Ye Ole Beeb:

"MPs... rejected the government's motion in support of military action in Syria if it was supported by evidence from United Nations weapons inspectors who are investigating claims President Bashar al-Assad's regime had used chemical weapons against civilians.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed that Britain would not be involved in any military action against the Assad regime - but said it would probably go ahead in any case.

"I expect that the US and other countries will continue to look at responses to the chemical attack.

"They will be disappointed that Britain will not be involved. I don't expect that the lack of British participation will stop any action."

He said he and the prime minister were "disappointed" with the result of the Commons vote which he said would harm Britain's relationship with Washington.

"It's certainly going to place some strain on the special relationship.

"The Americans understand the Parliamentary process. Perhaps they have been surprised by the scale of opposition."

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