Cherie Blair Cops Swine Flu, Shills For Rummy

Car-Bernstein-CherieBlair This just in from Twitter:

peepeepeepeep : @akirathedon Just read your post on Blair: "... a filthy lying swineherd". And then a headline coming in: "Cherie Blair fights swine flu"...

I was like, really? Cherry got the Rummyflu? So I Googled that, which took me to The Sun, and I was confromted with the following:

CHERIE Blair has caught suspected swine flu, The Sun can reveal. The former PM's wife has been forced to cancel a string of public engagements as she battles the flu.

Mrs Blair started feeling unwell at the start of the week and is believed to have been diagnosed with suspected swine flu on Tuesday. Doctors gave her a course of Tamiflu and she is now resting as she fights the virus.

How fucking blatant can you get? KILL YOURSELVES YOU ROTTEN LEECHES!