Bye Bye Astoria! Bye bye Metro!

(Bollocks, i can't get that video to work. I suppose you can go see it here. It's some ITN thing about The Astoria and Metro closing. Maggot from GLC says something about playing the last night at Metro.)

Back in the day I used to spend up to 5 nights a week in the Astoria, or, more specifically, the Keith Moon bar, blagging drinks from PR types and engaging in banter with members of Coldlay and The Wildhearts. I couldn't stomach that place, post-smoking ban. It was too heavy, man. I do not miss it.

As for the Metro, Crack Village played their first gig there, as part of me and Wade's "Saturday Spitroast" night. The PA was a disgrace, and we ended up having a massive fight with the guy running the venue, who was a gigantic puckering arsehole. Awesome gig though. I still have it, on VHS. Ikara Colt, Erol Alkan, The 80s Matchbox all came down and danced, and we gave everyone who came in the building a free tequila shot. We knew how to throw parties in those days.