Bringing creativity into your interior design

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 16.29.03Our homes are, in many ways, the most important platform on which we can demonstrate and display our creativity. They are a canvas on which we can express ourselves and, in doing so, create an environment which truly reflects who we are as well as a space in which we feel totally at home. Taking an artistic approach to interior design is therefore an opportunity to elevate what is for many people a simple decorating exercise, perhaps even a chore, into a hugely exciting and rewarding opportunity for creative expression.

Hints and tips

Here are some ideas for how to bring artwork into your room design scheme:

  • A dining room tends to be one of the most popular rooms of the house in which to entertain guests, and therefore a great place to introduce something that will make a strong visual impact. A glass dining table is a great way to achieve this and a perfect example of how to combine practicality with something that is also aesthetically pleasing. Not only does such an item of furniture provide a truly unique look, and therefore an interesting subject to inspire conversation in itself, it also offers a striking but simple background that will perfectly complement more intricate or unusual pieces of art.
  • Use repetition of colors and patterns. Decide on a theme you like and use this as the foundation for everything from your wall and ceiling coverings, to flooring and even your furniture and accessories. The results of such a simple approach can be striking and a great way of integrating art into the design of your room without investing in or displaying specific works. The important thing to remember here is to consider the balance of the room and exercise restraint, as there is a serious risk of going too far with a theme which may not actually work when replicated at too great an extent.
  • Finally, it is important to think about the functionality of the room. Just because it is creatively pleasing and striking to look it, a room still needs to work from a practical point of view. A balance must therefore be struck between functionality and appearance. Televisions and other entertainment systems for example provide an important role in home life but are not always visually consistent with the look you are trying to achieve. Explore options for hiding these in walls or even ceilings so they are revealed only when required.

Our favorite things in our favorite place

For most people, our homes are the most important place in our lives. They are where we tend to spend the most time and should therefore be an environment in which we feel happy and comfortable. With that in mind, those of us with a passion for art have an opportunity to demonstrate that passion by incorporating our favorite items and themes seamlessly into our home d├ęcor. In doing so, we give ourselves an opportunity to enjoy the space every day and express ourselves through our homes.