Bottom Finally Gets A TV Sequel In 'Hooligans Island'

OH MY SWEET LORD THIS IS AMAZING! BBC 2 today "announces raft of new commissions", and among them is the RETURN OF RICHIE RICH AND EDDIE HITLER!

Next year it will be 18 years since Richie Rich and Eddie Hitler last graced our television screens in cult hit, Bottom. So what has happened to these titans of comedy? Are they still living in one of the dirtiest and least hygienic flats uncondemned by Health and Safety? Are they still drinking neat furniture polish whilst hitting each other over the head with large metal objects, setting fire to each other as they seek to impress gullible members of the opposite sex, and each other? Or are they down the pub?

No, they are abandoned, lost, shipwrecked on the tropical hell hole that is Hooligans Island and they are still hitting each other over the head with large metal objects, still chasing women, even though there are none on the island, and still waiting for that job seekers allowance cheque as they distil something quite like alcohol, only worse. And they are back on BBC Two in 2013 for six new episodes starring Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson. Be afraid, be very afraid and then just a little bit bilious.

Hooligans Island is a BBC In-house comedy co-production with Phil McIntyre productions. It will be executive produced by Jon Plowman for the BBC and Lucy Ansbro for Phil McIntyre Productions.

Given one of Bottom's most brilliant episodes involved the pair stuck on a fairground ride for half an hour, this concept looks sound to me and I can't wait to see it. I haven't been this excited about an upcoming TV show since I heard about Boardwalk Empire.