Big Ghostface On The XXL Freshmen

My bad, I hadn't been by the Big Ghostface blog for a week or so, cos I've been deep in mixing/rapping/smashing beats out of my Akai pads for ATD25 mode, but someone just dropped some passive aggressive shit my way on twitter and I swing by to see what jewels the god's been dropping AND OH SWEET BAY JESUS ON A HOVERBOARD HE DONE DROPPED AN AFRICAN MINE UP IN THAT THING.

The following, ladies and Gs, is the homie Big Ghostface, of the world famous Big Ghost Chronicles blog, speaking the fucking UNFUCKWIT'ABLE TRUTH on the XXL freshmen. I cosign every single sylable.


Ayo whattup yall its Ghostface aka Big Tone Montana nahmean. Ayo first off a nigga wanna congratulate these little niggas for gettin they feet in the door nahmean. Cos that shit aint easy know...the internet bein accessible to any ol stupid nigga on the face of the earth n every second muthafucka you meet tryin to slide you they beats for free n shit. Ayo these new producer niggas is ready to pay rappers to use they beats n shit namsayin. So yeah the god realize that these little niggas mussa had a hard time wit niggas givin em free beats n muthafuckas offerin to shoot they little videos for nothin n then havin they little weed carrier niggas clickin they mouse to throw they shit on youtube for em n shit. Ayo these little niggas was strugglin hard nahmean.  Wasnt easy for these little niggas namsayin. Not like back in the day when niggas jus had to kidnap a&r niggas to get them to listen to they shit n labels was jerkin muthafuckas n shit. Wasnt easy for these little niggas like it was back in the day when niggas jus had to pay out they ass for studio time n then press they own shit n smack DJ niggas in they face if they aint play the shit niggas was makin nahmean. Ayo so congrats to these niggas namsayin. Ayo the god happy for them n shit. But on the real these is some unphotogenic muthafuckas nahmean. Yo son I aint gon say which niggas is which but there gotta be at least 4 or 5 extra chromosomes in that room between those niggas nahmean. N truth be told I respect a few of these niggas namsayin. That nigga wit the head the size of a watermelon can spit n shit nahmean. N the Compton nigga go hard n shit. The nigga KRIT nice too. The pop the trunk snow nigga got talent n shit nahmean. The Based God nigga just on some lunatic shit but I aint wanna throw the nigga off a plane or nothin. But the Toot It n Boot It nigga....damn son. Are we runnin outta niggas that rap n shit? Are we scrapin the absolute bottom of the fuckin barrels n shit now son? Ayo the nigga sounds like he just started learnin to rap 5 minutes ago n shit namsayin. The nigga be makin Waka Flocka sound like Andre 3000 n shit. N this Lil Twist nigga...come on b. Muthafuckas is like ayo Tone the little nigga young n gotta let that little nigga grow n shit nahmean. Ayo fuck that shit namsayin. Son is like18 nigga. Ayo yall know what Rakim was doin when he was 18 nigga? He was makin Paid In Full muthafucka. LL Cool J was makin Rock The Bells when that nigga couldnt even get his license n shit yet (nahmean Diggy?). Niggas was really pushin theyselves n shit. Ayo yall heard what Nas was doin when he was 18 son? Come on g. That nigga was a animal son. One time I was chillin wit the nigga n he grabbed a pigeon off the balcony railing n bit the birds head off n shit. The nigga was hungry like that nahmean. Nigga was eatin pigeons n drinkin Castrol in the studio nahmean. These niggas jumpin to young niggas defenses like that is gon need some other shit to lean on nahmean. Ayo somebody teach these niggas how to spit. N yo that little retarded lookin snow nigga thats down Wiz Khalifa n shit be makin songs thats softer than Aubreys palms son. Word bond half these niggas is either some straight garbage ass niggas or they on that moist towelette shit. These is some mud mask wearin cucumber slices on they eyes havin soft ass niggas right here. The nigga Wiz done introduced his man to that spa rap he be makin n shit too. Ayo the shit is real son. Its 2011 my niggas n spa rap is takin over namsayin. Niggas beats is soundin like lullabies wit soft ass snares n kicks on them nahmean. N on the other side of that coin we got these Meek Mill type niggas wit they I BE YUH HA DUH HEY I GOT NUH YUH YEH UH MEH YEH YOU JUS TUH NEH YUH HEH TEH YO BITCH YEH MA DEH HEY NAY HAY types a shit. Ayo son be makin a nigga ears hurt my g. The god dont be understandin that nigga period. N no offense to that nigga CyHi n shit but the nigga jus so average a nigga be forgettin he there n shit nahmean. The niggas like the muthafucka in Wham that wasnt George Michael n shit nahmean. Ayo but he a humble dude n shit namsayin. So I repsect that nigga. But Staten niggas dont play that soft shit nigga. We eat barbells nigga! We bathe in razor blades nigga! Fuck outta here nigga!