BEHOLD: The New Cliff Richard Calendar Is Pretty Goddamn Disturbing

When I worked in a pop collectibles and record shop in Birmingham back in the day we sold loads of Cliff calendars. He played the NEC like, every year, and god-damn hordes of old Christian ladies would come in and spend a fortune. We loved it when Cliff came to town.

Meanwhile, the BBC reports:

Sales of veteran singer Sir Cliff Richard's calendar is beating the likes of JLS, Justin Bieber and Michael Buble, online retailer Amazon has said.

The star, who stripped to the waist for one of the shots, has the biggest-selling male celebrity calendar.

The 70-year-old, who still has an army of dedicated fans, has been in showbusiness for 50 years.

Cheryl Cole is the best-selling female, having shifted four times more than second-placed Kylie Minogue.

Amazon's Amy Worth said: "The fact that Sir Cliff is holding off competition from the likes of JLS and Justin Bieber shows just how popular he is and it seems that his images will be adorning walls in people's homes all over the UK from 1 January."

JLS are second in the charts, with Justin Bieber third, Michael Buble at number four and Peter Andre is in fifth place.