BEHOLD: The Flying Bicycle #LITF More frustrating, but ultimately enthralling news regarding out above ground future... PSFK reports:

A group of Czech engineers and bike enthusiasts are collaborating on making a six-prop flying bicycle powered by a electric motors. In theory as long as the batteries held out the rider would be able to fly above other forms of terrestrial transport. Still in the very early stages of development, 3D models have it operating as a normal bike would on land, but then switching to a vertical take-off and landing mode when flying around.

The design at present involves six motors, one for each propeller, with a theoretical lifting force of 518 pounds. Estimated flight time could be around three to five minutes, and the design requires the rider to be strapped into the bike. The designers don’t plan for the bike to ever go into commercial production, intending it purely for promotional purposes. Perhaps that’s for the best. If you’re in the Czech Republic, keep your eyes on the sky for the first round of test flights this August.