BEHOLD: Awesome New Wacom Tool Makes Your Biro Sketches Digital Oh boy, this looks pretty damn nifty. Much as I love my Wacom DTF 550, it is nothing like sketching with a biro on paper, and this new thing apparently is. The following is from Recombu:

"Imagine sketching something on a piece or paper - perhaps in a design meeting - and then being able to see it on a screen in minutes.

The pen uses Wacom’s pressure-sensitive technology, which is clever enough to recognise when you’ve pressing harder (up to 1024 levels), the effect of which can be replicated on the digital version.

Files can be opened as layers in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro or saved in a range of file formats including: JPGs, BMPs, Tiff and PDF and exported to a tablet."

There's a video I want to do that involves hundreds of tiny doodles animated, and this looks like the perfect tool for that job. It comes out in October and costs £149.99.