BEHOLD: 7 Worst Music Tattoos Ever

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.50.55Like pop music, one man's terrible tattoo is another man's work of art. Like this Thom Yorke thing, someone thinks this is is GREAT ART but it gives me terrible nightmares. My own tattoos might not be everyone's idea of Art To Wear Forever, but to me each one is beautiful and special, even especially the one of Tellytubby Po wielding a shonkily executed firearm. With that in mind then, let us hand over to Robert Hand, who brings us his personal favourite list of Terrible Tattoos. I am particularly impressed with number 4. Forsooth! ATD


We’ve all played with the idea of getting a tattoo, a permanent mark on our skin of something which means a lot to us. As they say, each tattoo has a story and a reason behind it, from a family name to favourite design. Music related tattoos are quite common, but unfortunately they don’t always turn out as planned. Here are some of the worst music tattoos ever:

1: Freddie Mercury

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.36.23

We’re starting off our list with a strong first contender. It’s hard to tell if this is Freddie Mercury singing or Sloth from the Goonies eating a candy bar. It’s a horrific likeness which will be even scarier when that hair grows back!

2: Drake

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.36.32

Although not an image of an actual artist, this is still a less than subtle approach to declare your love of one rapper to the world. A better approach would be to hide it somewhere less conspicuous or at least where a future employer might not see it and laugh at the fact you like Drake.

3: Nickelback

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.37.09

Although it may not look that bad and there’s some slight patching around the letters, plus it’s still a tattoo of Nickelback which means it doesn’t get a free pass. Also it’s unclear if/what the heart has to do with anything, but one thing’s for sure – you’d certainly be asking for more than a nickel back from that tattoo artist!

4: Hanson

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.37.17

It takes a brave man to admit he likes Hanson, even braver to have an image of their faces forever burned onto your back. The likeness and proportions of these portraits is so bad, you could easily mistake it for a tattoo of James Franco, Anna Chlumsky and comedian Paul Edwards.

5: Axl Rose

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.37.27

We don’t know what’s worse, this man’s sunburn or the tattoo of the rather emaciated looking Axl Rose with a massive forehead tattooed all up his back. It may have something to do with the position of this guy’s spine, but Axl appears to have had some facial reconstruction. On the plus side, at least it’s a great way to give the neighbour’s kid’s nightmares when you’re sunbathing in the garden.

6: Angus Young

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.37.34

You look at this tattoo and you can’t exactly see AC/DC rocking up at your nearest venue and wheeling out an Angus Young who seems to be suffering from sort of B12 deficiency, yet here he is. This type of effort is not only laughable but it looks like a tattoo done by a mate, whether a professional tattooist or not.

Although it could have been worse, this unfortunate soul could have tattooed the name of his favourite Bingo site across his face. Good luck explaining that one to your friends.

7: The Collection

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.37.44

Finally to end on a high note we bring to you the tattoo equivalent of a 15 year old metal head’s high school notebook permanently drawn across one man’s back. It seems this chap decided to forgo choosing an absolute favourite band and instead just went for as many hair metal bands spread across his skin as possible.

On the bright side at least it’s a great way to keep track of what albums you’ve bought and a quick way to answer anyone who asks: “So what bands do you like?”

Although this may seem like some of the worst music tattoos to ever be carved onto someone’s skin it’s unfortunately just some that we’ve skimmed from the top of an already overflowing barrel of bad ink. Don’t be like these people, the next time you consider getting a tattoo go get a second, third and fourth opinion on what a good idea would be. Even try talking to a decent tattoo artist first. But most important of all, never ever get anything tattooed on your face!