BEEF: Brooke Hogan VS Heidi Montag - Is Hogan A Tool of The NWO?

OK, this is weird. Hulk Hogan's daughter, one Brooke Hogan, just released a song dissing one Heidi Montag, who is a singer and reality TV star, most famous for appearing in a show called The Hills.

The song is called Ur Not That Hot and, according to MTV, opens with  with someone impersonating Montag in a voicemail.

"Umm. Hey Brooke, what's up?" the Heidi-impersonator says. "This is Heidi Montag. I just want to let you know that I'm making a record and that your record ... better watch its back. And, if you think that Stack$ is awesome, just wait for Spencer. Bye."

The song features her rapper boyfriend Stack$ and will be on Hogan's album, Redemption, out next month. Before dropping the LP, Hogan is releasing a mixtape, Judgment Day, out on July 4, according to her Twitter.

On her MySpace blog, Hogan doesn't really explain why she's feuding with Montag. "WHY???? Because I can," she wrote. "And this is just the tip of the iceberg! I'm so sick of people that use me and my family, people with NO talent calling people out who work harder than them, and just people who have a dumbass attitude to begin with."

You know why this is weird? I had never heard of Heidi Montag until three hours ago, when I listened to an interview with her and her husband, fellow reality Tv star and Wu-Tang fan Spencer Pratt, on the Alex Jones show (Which I found on Bol's site, incidentally). It turns out Spencer and Heidi just saw The Obama Deception, and have "had the plug pulled out of the back of [their] heads like on The Matrix."

I now know that she is a devout Christian, who believes that the only way to God is "through the son," that she has denounced her former life as a "celebrity drone", and that she and her husband are now full paid up members of the Anti-NWO Crew.

"The only thing anybody should be paying attention to is @infowars... I'm so sorry to America that I have distracted you for the last two and half years with all of mine and my wife's antics that were all about our selfishness and about our own fame," said Spencer. "It's our job now to educate people," said Heidi. "Snakes are coming out and it's very painful."

"You know that the media are going to come at you hard now," warned Jones. "The New World Order are going to put a hit on you."

Is this that hit? A diss record from Hulk Hogan's daughter? Them Illuminazi spooks are slipping, I swear.