AWK: The Real Story Theory

The "Real Story" Theory -
Andrew WK and about three other people have been planning all of this for a long, long time. I grew up with Andrew in the crazy marajuana-smoking town Ann Arbor, Michigan - home of the hash bash, the white panthers, and their wor ld famous (and now defunct) $5 fine for smoking pot in public. I also knew Andrew when he was living in the smaller (and creepier) town called Ypsilanti, whichI have heard about Andrew suffering from 2 blackouts, long before any of this nonsense was around.
Also when he played a show in my area, he collapsed after it ended. When I had asked him what happened, he said it was some kind of physical exertion. was when I started learning more about Andrew. He had gone to this special high school for weird and messed up bad kids called Community High School. I didn't go there, but I first met Andrew during this time. We were both going to a weekend acting class and I met him when we had to pair up and rehearse a scene.
Anyway I won't get into irrelevant details, but the fact is, Andrew and a few other people have been planning ALL of this for a long time. From years and years even before I GET WET came out. None of it is related to advertising or new albums or anything else. It's actually a lot more complicated than that and it goes way beyond one particular time or idea.
The other three people that he's always worked with are all adults much older than him (by the way, Andrew's real age isn't 26 or 27). I don't know exactly how he met these other three, but I think it was through his Dad somehow as they were all involved in academics (probably from University of Michigan). One day in the acting class the teacher had us all stand up and talk about what are dreams for the future were. Most of the kids said "To be a famous actor", one other girl said "To be a star on Broadway", and I said "To make movies". Andrew went last and stood up and said, very slowly, "I want to craft my own non-existence." The teacher asked him what he meant and said "Exactly what I said." The teacher was clearly annoyed and the whole class rolled it's eyes because Andrew was always saying weird stuff that made no sense. I thought what he said sounded cool though, so after class, while we were walking to our cars, I asked Andrew how he was going to craft his own non-existence). I don't remember what he said word for word, but essentially he said, "First I'm going to make myself undeniably exist as a recognizable and identifiable form, and then I'm going to spend the rest of my life working to eliminate it and prove that it's existence was an impossible illusion all along, but because people have already seen it they will experience the sensation equal to maximum pleasure." It was something like that, obviously some of what he said was different, but that's essentially what he told me. I remember it well because it made a huge impact on me and I've thought about it a lot since.
This was back in 1994 and after the acting class ended, I didn't see much of Andrew for the next 5 years. But in '99 I heard rumors that he had been working hard with those other three people, on some sort of big plan to make music and build this whole huge thing. So, I guess that's what all this is. And it seems to me like it's just going to keep on going. Andrew did all the mainstream stuff with these other corporate people, so that he would get popular and make people think that he's this simple minded, nice guy party dude. Then once it was established, he could go crazy and make himself "not exist" or something similar. We are in the middle of this and that's why it seems so confusing, but if you look at it from the start, and know about who Andrew really is, then this all makes perfect sense.