AWK: Hire An Actor

fakeandrewwkThe above photograph was taken from a 2005 issue of Fader Magazine. Supposedly a person contacted the magazine saying they were Andrew Wk and that they wanted to do an interview about high-fashion style. The interviewer showed up and met someone who obviously looked nothing like Andrew WK, and from there it was difficult to confirm whether the "real" Andrew WK ever contacted the magazine in the first place. After the article appeared, supposedly the "actual" Andrew WK contacted the magazine and said that the person in the picture was not him, and that some imposter had tricked them. This all occured shortly after the New Jersey concert in which Andrew Wk was pulled off stage in the middle of his set, some say, never to be seen again. The most basic background fact about Andrew Wk is that there is no actual person called "Andrew WK".  The name Andrew WK was an invention, just like the AWK music, the image, and the show style and all the other aspects and the personality of Andrew WK. Some have claimed that Andrew was invented by a famous song writer, like Diane Warren, or a production team, like Avril Lavigne's Matrix, but these are both incorrect. Andrew WK is the brainchild of James E. Krier, who created the idea with several record label executives and marketing companies. The idea was to create a perfect rock and roll hero, someone who would be seen as a saviour, and simultaneously, as a piece of pop-culture garbage. The plan included the creation of early street credibility, by way of underground and avant-garde music and art, in addition to oversaturation of the lowest common denominator aspects of popular culture, by way of youth media (MTV, Jackass, Cartoon Network, Network T.V., etc.) and mainstream press (New York Times, Newsweek, GQ, Rolling Stone, etc.)

Some of you reading this probably think you know the whole story (and maybe some of you do), but as in all aspects of the world, there's more inside than what appears on the surface. You must see that AWK is a code and all great codes transmit on multiple of levels. Compare AWK to an onion, some of you are peeling each layer getting closer to the center of creation, but then you will stop and look at all the peeled layers, pick up the one that gives you pleasure and say "This is an onion!". But what you are holding onto is one aspect of the creation. If you want to see beyond the surface you must remove your attachment to bias.

The person who you know as "Andrew WK" is not the same person as Andrew W.K. I hope this should be obvious by now. To say he is an actor is true and false at the same time. True in the sense that what you perceive as "Andrew WK" is not the really real Andrew W.K., and false because something that is "not really real" should not exist, and you have just read the words "not really real". The Andrew WK=Actor also reflects onto the hair confusions, "if Andrew WK has hair why would he wear a wig?" The answer to this thought form is another multiple of TRUE/FALSE, The point I am making here is that the truth is being shown right infront of your eyes if you choose to see it, yet this truth is only a tiny twinkle in the sky.

Lets take a quick stroll back into time, ideas and questions of who, what, where and how. If we are honest, we can see that every aspect of Andrew WK was planned well in advance, and through out there have been subtle and not-so-subtle hints explaining this to those who had the awareness to see. At the same time, there are many contradictions which can lead one off-track, if one's will and focus is weak. From the beginning, Andrew presented himself in a way that would test people. He wanted to see if people would believe that he believed, and most people did. He came from a built-up background of avant-garde music, and then completely abandoned is and created a new personality. As was just mentioned, those with weak focus grasped onto this newly created image, and assumed that Andrew must've been a hired actor, or a corporate music creation. They assumed that he had no abilities to make songs, and that big teams of songwriters were making his music. A great deal of this was true, and many facts were put in place to support this idea.  But all of that was a set-up. Again, all of that was leading to somewhere else. James E Krier wanted people to believe that his son was a no-talent fraud, a hired actor, and a dimwitted fool, so that those people would be most shocked, when the "backstory" he had crafeted earlier on was revealed, and people would witness what they thought was a process of transformation. Andrew WK existed were brought up right at a point in time when it seemed as the dirty whites Andrew WK was on top of the world, This first came in the form as Steev Mike who came to shatter expectations. Quickly after Andrew W.K. seemed to dissappear from the limelight, and when he did appear questions of doubt hung over him, and he offered no explanations and obviously adding to the mystery. How could he have let Steev Mike destroy the collective energy? Why is he doing this? etc.... Well this is the hardest for alot of people to understand, but it was always part of the plan. The "Pre-Steev Mike Andrew WK" was desinged to be open to personal projection by you the experiencer yet also behave solid as the hardest rock. The transitional Andrew WK was meant to create a feeling of euphoric amnesia, the effect being the inability to imagine the future by having a known past gone. Once Andrew "disappeared" or was "gone", all that most people could do was to return and reflect on their experiences from the past. This had the effect of almost making those experiences seem dream like, and many wondered if they would ever have a chance to experience them again. The answer, of course, is no - because no one can ever have the same experience twice. The building of this nostalgia, and the simultaneous shattering of it, created the tone many Andrew WK "friends" felt at the onset of 2005.  During this process it was known that alot of people would not pass this test, and would rather dismiss Andrew WK as a having stopped existing, or having quit, or having left the good old days.

But this is the process and now we have come upon a new light and a new era awaits all of us, In 2008 a new reality will form, it has been building up to this point and we will all take part in the beginings of the end. Unlock the AWK code within and shapes will become forms and the void will be filled. This is not a prophecy, speaking the unspoken gives life to ideas. In one huge collective breath the birthing will take place and you and I will take part in it. This is what I've learned from examining the big picture, because without me or you, none of this exists. All of existance is within you and you have the ability to experience everything and nothing at the same time. Anyway, that's getting ahead of myself.

Those are the basics.  Now it's time to start explaining the whole story, step-by-step. First of all, there have been more than one person (or actors) playing the part of Andrew WK.  The first person to play the role was Andrew Fetterly. He played this part up until some time in 2005. At that point, and for unknown reasons, a new person who looked somewhat similar was hired to play the role. It's believed that this switch might've had something to do with the Steev Mike blackmailing controversy, which traces back to album credits from "I Get Wet", "The Wolf", and the hate letters exposing Andrew from the beginning.

Andrew WK never really came up through show-business in the traditional sense.  To many, he appeared from nothing, with no backstory - no climb or story of struggle.  Because of this there's been some amount of confusion regarding where Andrew WK really did come from, and whether he was a hired actor/front-man, performing music created by the record companies, or a "real person" with real origins.  His mainstream presence was largely considered a construction of the corporate entertainment media.  Because of this, there was a considerable backlash through out the world, especially in the UK and Europe, where Andrew WK and the AWK music became relatively controversial, and his face and album were banned from public display in advertising.

In 2002 and 2003 and the Universal Music Group and Andrew WK's team were able to tone down the accusations and put more focus on establishing Andrew WK as a "real" person - almost a normal guy next door.  This was acheived by slightly changing Andrew's image and making him seem more down to Earth.  For example, he was placed on popular tours and at choice moments traded in his white outfit for "regular guy" blue jeans and sweatshirts. During this same time, the 2nd Andrew WK music album was released, again, with a much tamer cover image, sound, and album title ("The Wolf").  Another difference between "I Get Wet" and "The Wolf" was the absence of Executive Producer, Steev Mike.  Many fans credited the new, softened sound and image to the missing Steev Mike influence.  It seemed as though the controversy and difficulties experienced during the 2000 emergence of Andrew WK may've possibly lead to a falling out and firing of Steev Mike. In 2005, several incidents involving Steev Mike began to unfold, and these incidents marked the beginning of Andrew WK's troubles.  Through out 2006, the AWK experience suffered terribly - and changed radically - as a result of an almost endless series of personal and business attacks from somone calling themselves Steev Mike.

Andrew W.K. had reportedly signed away a large amount of his creative rights in an early management deal (which would later haunt him when he severed ties with this manager at the close of 2005 - making him unable to release Andrew W.K. CD's in the United States).  Towards the end of 2006, in the midst of what was essentially a blackmail campaign, three new key people were brought in to manage Andrew WK, and together they would put together a plan to repair the damage that had been slowly done to his credibility over the past 6 years.