Awesome Baby Dances To Thieving!

This just in from our good friend Karl Wild, in Norway:

Hey Mr. Don,

Hope all is well in Don mansions?

We're loving the new track, and by we I mean little baby Iljèn and me. She has to be the one of youngest Don fans, "Baby Don Army!"

She's been listening to your stuff since she was in the womb and she does seem to enjoy getting her groove on to hip hop more than any other music.

Anyway, the lovely wifey decided to surprise me and daughter by getting, a one of a kind, ATD Thieving body made, so we had to put it on and play said tune. Hope you enjoy the little video and if you want to stick it on the website Iljèn gives her permission to use her image free of charge just this once!

The family that ATDs are always Gs together!!

Peace from NorwayKarl and Iljèn.


Amazing. What a beautiful little girl! What grace! What style! What rhythm!

Karl, you are a lucky man to have such women in your life.

And I am a lucky man to have such straight up Gs as you all in mine.

Thank you.

And would you believe, this is the second video of a tiny child dancing to one of my songs I've seen today?!

I'll show you that second tomorrow...