Andrew WK: How To Survive An Economic Downturn

Andrew WK

Invest in a nice flask or some type of polished canteen, and fill it with some type of alcohol of your choice, maybe cut it with a little water, which just makes it go down easier 'cause it's gonna be room temperature, and you're going to be swigging just straight liquor, so cutting it with a little water can smooth it out a bit, and also re-hydrate you as you drink. You can take this flask with you wherever you go; whereas most bars or restaurants charge a substantial amount for any type of drink, here you have a very, very, very reasonable, very discreet way to consume alcohol on your own time and on your own dime.

Another way might be to cook many meals at home, rather than going out for porterhouse steaks, or two-pound baked potatoes with sour cream, chives and bacon. You could create similar dishes at home, in a lot less time than you might think, and with a lot of ingredients you already have around the house. So cooking meals at home, rather than eating out, can really help save money. Also, usually, it's healthier as well—usually less salt, less fat, in food you make at home.

Other kinds of ways to still have a very active social life, but perhaps save money in the process, would be to have more cozy times in your own quarters. You can combine the idea of entertaining yourself in your own quarters, and combine the idea of saving money on rent, by inviting people to live in your room with you. And this goes a little beyond roommates, because I imagine a lot of people already have roommates living in different rooms, in the same apartment or same house. But if the rent is still a bit hard to meet every month, I would say just bring over some friends and just have them hang out all the time in your room. And the more friends you can group together, depending on the size of your room, and the number of friends you have—I would say three or four is probably the maximum, but if you guys team up, than you can almost go throughout the day as a team, traveling in a group saves money on taxis, obviously you're going to pay a lot less for rent. This team of four people in your room can almost act as an autonomous organism to prepare food, as a team, to accomplish certain tasks and chores about the house or about day-to-day life. In fact, you can offer yourself as a team to employers. That's one way to round up some friends, still get a lot of socializing in, but also cut down on expenses and generate income.

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