Alchemist Visits Prodigy In Jail

From Playlouder:

Queens rap titan Prodigy is, as you might know, in jail, after cops pulled his car and "found" a gun in the glove box. Dun is doing three (3) years, but is keeping active, dropping material he recorded prior to his bid on the regular, and writing a blog for Vibe.

His friend and collaborator Alchemist visited him recently, and wrote about it on his blog. It's a touching read. Here's an exert:

A steel door slid open, and Pee rolled in, unaccompanied... with the H.N.I.C. bop, maroon shirt with the state greens, and a pair of all black rebooks like just another day holding it down as usual.

He rolls up to the dickhead desk and waits for them to point him to our table. Now one of the dickheads barks at him.  Tells him to step back until he calls him to the desk.  Pee steps back, and 2 seconds later he calls him up.

Im thinking, 'that man is a dick.'   But I guess I keep forgetting that its jail.

Pee reminds me that they dont have to be corteous to you.  Theres nobody you can complain to for poor customer service.   Not all of them are dicks tho, he says.  A couple are cool.

But still all the little demeaning bullshit they try to do in there doesn't seem to be affecting Pee.   Shit, it made me feel like things weren't really that bad.

But he's a motivator like that, just by him being himself, leading by example.  Thats just how he is

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