Alan Moore Returns To Marvel, Changes Name To THE ORIGINAL WRITER, Miracleman To Be Concluded

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 19.32.59One of the greatest and most influential comic books of all time (it invented the whole What If A Superhero Was Real thing, and did it perfectly, and in the most honest and hardcore fashion possible, way before Watchmen and The Authority and Ultimates and all that), and my personal favourite of Alan Moore's is finally gonna be legally available after only existing as a torrent for ages cos of some stupid fight Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman were having or something. Marvel acquired the rights after some boring billion year  legal wrangling, and while we still don't know if this means Neil Gaiman's aborted follow up story will be completed, we DO know they're reissuing the whole thing with seventeen billion stupid variant covers in January. PRAISE XENU!

What we can also glean from the solicitation above, is Alan Moore has managed to scare Marvel out of daring or deigning to use his name in any of the promotional materials, so he's called THE ORIGINAL WRITER, which is pretty gangster, and also rather Prince-ian, and no sooner had I had this seemingly original thought, did I see a Tweet from Bleeding Cool saying basically the same thing. HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND!

Oh, and scrub what I just said about Neil Gaiman, BC reports THEY'RE CONCLUDING IT after the reprints. WOOOOOOOOOOO BABY! Mark Buckingham's drawing it too. I hope he's still using a photocopier and a toothbrush, I loved that shit and it was very influential on my own work.


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