ADVENT 5 - Top of The Pops Christmas Special 1967

Damn, people looked creepy and or vacant in the sixties. That drummer out of the Bee Gees is scaring the hell out of me. As is Jimmy Saville. And what's with The Monkees perving over all those chicks in swim suits? People blame rap for everything! Goddamn, this is an amazing piece of history right here. Rolling Stones, Lulu, Cliff, The Beatles, Engelbert Humperdink (YES!) all hosted by an eerily young Jimmy Saville, along with Alan Freeman and Pete Murray. For pathos, check out the history of flower power in part three. "Nobody loves anybody anymore." Oh, and watch for Chris Martin's major inspiration at the start of part 5.

By the way, anyone know what the music at the end is? it's pretty awesome, right?