ADVENT 3 - LISTEN: Lee Scratch Perry - Santa Claus

DOWNLOAD: Lee Scratch Perry - Santa Claus

SO, it's a weird one this. Lee "Scratch" Perry doing a mental space-house tune loosely Christmas related with the repeated refrain, "Santa Claus! Mickey Mouse! Walt Disney!" taken from his Grammy-nominated 2008 LP Repentance, co-produced by Andrew W.K., a collaboration which, according to legend started "with a chance meeting between Perry and hyper-energetic artist/producer Andrew W.K. at SXSW in 2006... the pair formed an unthinkable friendship which led to a musical collaboration... the album fuses reggae with hip-hop and dancehall, making a timeless Perry album that can only be described as a true masterpiece."

However, in an interview with Flavorwire, Perry described a different scenario.

"There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the whole concept of the album," said Perry. "He came to the studio in Germany. We didn’t have an understanding that he would be the producer or anything like that. I think he just came to sit in on the sessions.

The music was mixed in Switzerland by me. We only mixed two songs with the intention that we would put them on the album. We then discovered that [Andrew W.K.] went behind our back and decided to put out the album with the two songs that we did here. I didn’t even finish [mixing] the album when I discovered that the album was about to be released.

It was not supposed to be on the street yet, because we only had the mix of “God Save His King” and “Pum Pum.” The other tracks needed harmonizing. It really wasn’t finished. I like to work on an album and sit and decide when it’s finished. I don’t understand why they released the other ten tracks without my OK."

Weird, huh?